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About FL Online: Why?

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Jack knows personal finances.

Cuz You Don't Know Jack About Finances!

Learn about finances for FREE!

Let Jack and NSLP Financial Literacy Online assist you with managing your money so that you stay out of the financial doghouse.                     

We are here to help. We help students understand personal finance so they feel confident and secure about their finances throughout their lifetime.

Courses are clear and concise. The online presentations and activities are informative and to the point. An assessment is included at the end of each course to offer feedback and help students learn the concepts.

Courses are offered online. Any student may register and access the courses 24/7. All a financial aid administrator needs to do is direct students to to register in the program.

Students give NSLP Financial Literacy presentations high marks. Students give the presentations high marks—4.42 on a 1-5 point scale. Most students say they learned a great deal and feel more confident about the topic after viewing a presentation.

More than 65 years of experience. Our instructors are the most experienced in the industry with more than 65 years of collective experience in credit counseling, money management education and student loans.

Backed by an industry leader. NSLP Financial Literacy Online is a product of National Student Loan Program (NSLP), the sixth largest student loan guarantor. NSLP is dedicated to financial literacy because education helps young consumers and adults manage debt and other financial matters. Financial literacy also supports the mission of universities and lenders—organizations that not only help to make students' educational dreams become reality but their lifetime dreams to become reality too.

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