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About FL Online: National Student Loan Program (NSLP)

National Student Loan Program

A Leader in Online Financial Literacy Education

The NSLP Financial Literacy Online program was developed by National Student Loan Program (NSLP). Headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, NSLP is a private, nonprofit corporation serving higher education as a student loan guaranty agency. NSLP works with lenders and post-secondary schools across the nation to help students gain access to low-cost student loans. NSLP is also well-known for helping schools with financial literacy and default prevention efforts.

NSLP is dedicated to helping students understand and manage their debt. Offering financial literacy and default prevention programs helps young consumers and adults manage debt and other financial matters throughout a lifetime. These programs also support schools and lenders efforts to teach students about financial matters.

NSLP is one of the nation’s major guaranty agencies and continues to serve as the designated guaranty agency for Nebraska.



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