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About FL Online: Program

Topics Presented in Easy to Follow Format

Financial Literacy Online courses cover a variety of topics. You'll learn the basics about budgeting, contracts, credit cards, credit history, identity theft, financing education, insurance and starting a business. 

Course topics are introduced to students via presentations offered in various formats—including mp3, video cast and movie files. Resources such as workbooks, exercises and links to other sites help round out student learning experiences.

Participants complete four short assignments. Each lesson begins by taking a short survey to evaluate why you want to learn about the topic. This is followed by a five question quiz to evaluate what you may already know about the topic. Once you have viewed or listened to a presentation your knowledge will be tested by taking an assessment exam. The final assignment is a short lesson evaluation to offer feedback about what was learned. To get started just register, select your lessons, and then follow the steps outlined to navigate your way to a better understanding of personal finance.

Students who complete all assignments and pass the exam with a score of 70 percent or better pass the course.

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