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About FL Online: Testimonials

Financial Literacy Online and Campus Presentations Comments

“The (Financial Literacy Online) courses were terrific! I am able to budget and organize my finances better.  Thank you!”  
Demetria Sisk, DeVry University Center - Cobb Galleria (Georgia)

"I really enjoyed the program. It was very helpful when it came to the part about contracts. I used the information when I bought a new car."
Ashley Noe, York Technical College (South Carolina)

Great presentation! I learned a lot about financial well being in the future.

The presentation was very interesting. I am very motivated to change some things about the way I manage my money.

The session helped me think about steps I need to take regarding my credit.

"Your Credit Life Story" made me think about my impulse spending vs. savings.

I learned more about my credit and what can improve and lower my score.

Thank you for creating such an interesting and informative talk on a subject that has been frightening and complicated for a long time. It's much simpler now!

"Choosing and Using Credit Cards Wisely" was very interesting and provided me with a whole new view about credit cards.

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