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Courses: Contracts

Signing on the Dotted Line

The small print—it’s all over every contract or agreement you consider. The more credit you seek or agreements you enter into, the more you'll be asked to "sign on the dotted line" right under that small print.

Contracts: Signing on the Dotted Line provides you with the basic knowledge you need to know so that you can interpret various contracts before you take out a pen and sign away. Learn to understand the ins and outs of:

  • Cellular phone contracts and plans
  • Promissory notes
  • Leases/rental agreements and renters' legal rights
  • Auto service contracts
  • Credit card agreements

After completing this course, you’ll feel confident that the next time you get ready to "sign on the dotted line" you'll know what you’re signing and how to protect yourself.

Learn about contracts and five other money management topics!

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