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Financial Resolutions for 2009

by April Qualls

You probably started off 2009 with a bang and made a list of New Year’s resolutions. Why not add a few financial goals to your list? Here are some ideas to get you started: 1. Make a financial plan; list short-term, mid-term, . . . read more

Stretching Your Student Loan Dollars

by April Qualls

Do you find that as the semester progresses, your student loan dollars are stretched a bit too thin? Like most student loan borrowers, you have to spend most of your loan check right away on various school costs and you may not know how . . . read more

A Fresh Start

by April Qualls

August is passing swiftly and soon it will be time for the school year to start again. What better time than now to get a fresh start on your finances? If you have never developed a budget, now is a good time to start. First, list . . . read more

Summer Vacation

Time for Summer Vacation!

by April Qualls

The spring semester is coming quickly to an end, and you are already in gear for summer. Summer classes, summer jobs, and summer vacations are being considered. Here’s how to arrange a cheap vacation and where to find the money to . . . read more

Summer Jobs

It's That time Again...

by April Qualls

Time to look for a summer job! Getting a start on it as early as you can will improve your chances of finding work. Your first step will be deciding the type of job you want, including location, hours you can work, and the amount of . . . read more

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