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Help Students Learn Personal Finance

FLO courses teach students the basics!

Wish you could teach your students personal money management but don't have the time and resources to do so? National Student Loan Program is here to help.                                

Your school has a unique opportunity to experience NSLP's Financial Literacy Online courses for absolutely NO COST and for very little time commitment.

NSLP’s Financial Literacy Online learning center is designed to educate students about the basics of personal money management. Students learn about budgeting, contracts, credit, identity theft, financing education, credit history, insurance, starting a business and more.

The courses are focused on students who are in high school, planning for college, enrolled in college, planning to graduate from college or recent graduates. However, anyone interested in learning money management skills—including parents—may take and complete the courses.

Referring students to is all that your staff will need to do. That's it. Check out all the courses by registering for the program. For more information read our Q&A for Schools or contact us at or 888-454-4668.

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